Creativity Of Thought  

Creativity of thought is a tricky topic to deal with. It is tricky because it can offer up so many explanations and so many facets. The topic is a vast one that involves generalizing the thought process of the billions of humans residing in this world. Each human mind is unique in its own way. Each think differently, act differently and perceive differently too. This uniqueness stems out the concept of creativity. Before trying to go into the topic of creativity of thought, let us analyze what creativity is.

Creativity comes from the word creation which means to invent or to do something original. Thoughts of a person are the driving force behind what he does and achieves. So, if creativity can be amalgamated with the thought process of a human being, everything that each person does would become unique and also set a benchmark in the category. For this, a person needs to make himself thirsty for detail and information. He should continuously ask himself as to how to improve upon the situation and how to react to make the solution better. Merely following someone else’s footsteps or formulizing what others have already thought and done before is not going to help at all.

Creativity of thought lies in thinking beyond the obvious and then pushing one own limits towards grasping that knowledge. Here limits can refer to both physical and mental blocks a person may have. Creativity can also be achieved easily by following one’s passion. That would be easy because then the person would not have to try too much. It is only by being able to pick and choose the knowledge needed to progress in a particular subject among all the other irrelevant ones can make a mind think creatively.

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Creativity Of Thought




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