Theory And Development Of Creativity  

Creativity is that human attribute by virtue of which one is able to form original and innovative ideas. This quality is there in everybody but few people use it to their advantage. But, all the progression and development made in the world, all the modernization and advancements our civilization has made are all borne out of creativity. In absence of it, the human race would have become stagnant.

There are even studies associated with creativity. But being a vast and complicated topic, it is found in various disciplines like psychology, education, cognitive science, philosophy, economics, theology, linguistics, sociology and business studies among others. Thus it is even defined variously according to the subject where this topic arises.

Creativity has always been a revered quality, right from the Middle Ages. The famous Age of Enlightenment in the “West” happened only because of creative thinking by various minds. Creative thinking lies in pushing the limitations that a person is usually surrounded with and also being able to think beyond the obvious. Creativity started out probably when people did not want to be dominated by any governing body and being told what to do and what not to, what is right and what is wrong.

Breaking free from the stereotype is the idea behind creativity. There is a standard psychometric measurement of creativity too, triggered with the addressing of J.P. Guilford to the American Psychological Association in the year 1950. This standard measures creativity as an independent aspect, separate from the IQ, or the Intelligent Quotient, of a person.

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Theory And Development Of Creativity




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