Empowerment Theory  

Empowerment is the goal that most employees look forward for. The organization has to work in a way whereby all feel proud and dignified. Many scholars have tried to hit the real meaning of empowerment and have provided the meaning and need. It speaks about power, happiness, sharing and succeeding. To fully realize the impact of empowerment one needs to broaden the concept and understand it one by one.

Empowerment can target anybody or anywhere be it any organization. In terms of empowerment, the power would not be handled by one particular person. It has to switch from person to person. The power has to expand from every position. Power helps an individual to make decisions without the fear of personal interests and judgments. Power again does not signify domination over the weaker section. Power can no longer be in the hands of powerful generation or else many sub level people might get oppressed. Power can find its way in every sphere as that is the only dominant factor apart from money.

Power can certainly be interpreted differently by different people. Again, it cannot be shared. A basic understanding of empowerment might be necessary for people to work in an organization. It is certainly a multi-dimensional process which will help people to have control on major decisions and policies pertaining to their area. It keeps developing along the way. Mostly, individuals and fundamentals pertaining to empowerment are too connected to each other. It occurs in every dimension be it social, individual, social and economic. It is an important yet critical need of major organizations to accept empowerment and understand the goals involved.

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Empowerment Theory




Helping-Other-People-Through-Empowerment      Empowerment is a critical process in an organization. We often hear that help others and guide others in every way. However, developing personal power is extremely important. Keep empowering the ones surrounding you in your organization as that will help you to spend more time. People, who strongly believe in empowerment, will always keep people around them empowered too. Hence, these people always gain maximum votes and are always popular. Allow fellow employees to get involved in major decision making process. Let them set the goals and feel included in every process. More..





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