Importance Of Youth Empowerment  

Empowerment takes place in every situation. Be it for women, workers, employees and youth. Youth empowerment was started long back in 1960 across the cities of US. It was basically started by a group of college students on university campuses.

It all began with usual protests and commotion followed by Vietnam War. Soon after the war began, students held protests so that their voices could be heard. It is still certainly a significant part of childhood and cannot be avoided. It has since then become a fundamental part of the transition from childhood to adulthood. The transition takes place due to their involvement at every stage to be heard and answered. They want to make their own decisions so that they can eventually learn from their mistakes. Youth empowerment is considered essential by youth as they always face the difficult period of the general transition from childhood to adulthood. There are many people involved maybe family, friends who behave and react in a certain way.

One good example would be allowing them to work part-time and earn some money while they are still studying. This has been accepted by most Americans as they feel secured and independent. They will start understanding the world outside, will enjoy the value of money and most important would feel proud. Summer internships, music shows are yet another way to shoe the true meaning of youth empowerment. Let children and youth take new challenges, set goals for themselves as this would only provide them answers to their questions. They need to be encouraged at every step which will help them in understanding this transition. Keep advising them in any way necessary which will make them realize that you being parents are happy with their decision.

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Importance Of Youth Empowerment




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