Theory Of Community Empowerment  

Empowerment is critical for every sector. The sectors can either be an organization or a community. To be quite literal we all behave as soldiers for wealth. Poverty is again related to emotions and behavior in the society. Our society is certainly divided on the basis of wealth. Poverty arises due to disparities in wealth. It would not have been the problem had people really understood equality and would have incorporated too.

Communities will have people from every section. In case we want to improve the lifestyle of the poor and marginalized, we will have to make sure that we have lots of wealth, capacity and power. We do not admit it, but we seriously want to earn a lot of money.

We often favor democracy but not accept the fact that we all want to help people after becoming rich. Had we intentionally wanted to empower them all these conditions would have no meaning. We should believe in empowering them rather than doing charity and self-realizing our importance. We should certainly help people who are poor yet powerless, and in the long run we need to make them independent. They need not depend on you for everything. Instead making them involved in some activity will surely help. It is a basic human nature to go and plead the person who has been helping you so long.

Keep having brainstorming sessions which will help you to prepare a plan and decide what the community members want or expect. Try to manage the community in a way of encouraging people to start working and understanding basic needs. Understand the purpose of your life and help set poor communities. Their life can be made more meaningful by the whole exercise and your effort will be put to good use.

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Theory Of Community Empowerment




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