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It is believed and has been proved that ninety percent of who people are, is internal and just 10 percent has to do with the external factors. As far as honesty and integrity are concerned, they can be taken as sisters where honesty is truthfulness, and it is very well respected due to the fact that it lives in its heart and, thus, offers itself to others without making or offering any compromises. Whereas, integrity is known to believe in goodness, wholeness, and excellence and is, thus, willing to serve others being termed as a commendable example.

Both these virtues are held very high in regard. Practicing both these values is something that can be considered as a two fold gift. People are advised to incorporate both these qualities within their lives so that they turn out to be not only a successful person but also a great human being as a whole.

Given below are a few inspirational quotes provided by some of the most famous people throughout the world:

“No legacy is so rich as Honesty” – William Shakespeare

"To be honest is to be real, genuine, authentic, and bona fide. To be dishonest is to be partly feigned, forged, fake, or fictitious. Honesty expresses both self-respect and respect for others. Dishonesty fully respects neither oneself nor others. Honesty imbues lives with openness, reliability, and candor; it expresses a disposition to live in the light. Dishonesty seeks shade, cover, or concealment. It is a disposition to live partly in the dark" - William J. Bennett

“Truth is generally the best vindication against slander” - Abraham Lincoln

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Honesty Integrity Quotes




Integrity-At-School      Integrity is one of the virtues that are advised to incorporate by people belonging to any age groups and coming from any walks of life. It is something that helps people excel in everything they do irrespective of their filed of excellence. As far as the integrity in school is concerned, it helps students turn into successful personalities in their future years. More..





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