How To Write Intervention Letter ?  

Intervention is a delicate process as it involves dealing with vulnerable people. The subject of an intervention session is someone who is addicted beyond limit over a certain thing like drugs or alcohol. There has been a damage already caused in the patient, and any wrong handling can only worsen the situation. Such people should be addressed very carefully so that they do not feel offended in any way and take up the opportunity to rebel.

Thus, a letter to such addicts have to be a careful and well revised one, which has to sound clear and positive at one hand and non-accusatory on the other. The letters may contain several parts, each highlighting a positive or a loving point which may help the addict to realize how much he means to the others and exactly how much is at stake if he succumbs to his addiction further.

The letters, which should get the addict going into thinking about giving up his dangerous habit, should be armed with love, care and a positive encouragement. The letter might remind him of a particular moment when he did someone proud, or it may remember the special skills he have, which earned him so much of accolades from the close ones.

An intervention letter may also involve a frank discussion of the disorder faced by the patient. But this discussion should be such that the patient does not feel himself as mad or an outcast. He should understand that the situation he is facing can be faced by anyone else and is also completely curable. That should do the trick.

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How To Write Intervention Letter ?




Intervention-Tips      Intervention is a fragile approach in treating the addicts. However, if done carefully, it can get out an affected person from the self-destructive habit he is in. it is just that there are a few tips and tricks to apply to intervene successfully. More..





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