Intervention Tips  

Intervention is a fragile approach in treating the addicts. However, if done carefully, it can get out an affected person from the self-destructive habit he is in. it is just that there are a few tips and tricks to apply to intervene successfully.

First of all, the instructions or the directions that are given out to the affected person should be short and precise. They would not have tolerance for long and winding explanations and would end up ignoring completely. Also the number of instructions given out is also important. It is to be made sure that the addict does not feel dominated or ordered in any way. That could cause anger on their part.

Also, planning an intervention before the person indulges in a particular destructive habit can save up a lot of time. Intervention is a time consuming and delicate process, especially if the subject has already gone far with his addiction. Thus, it is better to counsel a person who may have the potential risk of succumbing to an addiction and gently talk him out of the risk. At this point, he would be more willing to co-operate than after he is already involved with that habit.

It is better to understand the subject’s interests, his past and his tendencies well before starting the intervention process. That will enable the interventionist to know what would be the best approach and which points to highlight more.

It is highly stressed that love and care are the best weapons to deal with an addict. However, many people forget the fine line of difference between affection and sympathy. The addicted person should never be sympathized in the process of intervention as that may lead him to feel more encouraged to take the path of self-destruction. He will think that whatever he is doing is right and thus will worsen the situation further.

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Intervention Tips




What-Is-Early-Intervention      Early intervention is the process of approaching the children in school or those who are within their teenage years, appearing to be exposed to the risk of any unhealthy addiction, to prevent them from getting involved in that situation further. Thus, early intervention may act both as a preventive or a remedial therapy for the kids, depending upon the situations. More..





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