Health Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes  

Smoking takes thousands of lives each year, and yet chain smokers tend to grow in numbers. The deaths are caused due to many kinds to diseases caused by smoking and the various ingredients present in the cigarette tobacco. One of the most dreaded diseases that smokers get is lung cancer. However, smoking cigarettes can also lead to throat and mouth cancers.

No doubt, the biggest threat smoking poses is lung cancer. Anyone suffering from lung cancer due to smoking will tell you how painful the disease can be. If the cancer is detected in an advanced stage, which invariably the case, just palliative treatment can be given.

Smoking also causes many cardiovascular diseases. Smoking slows the flow of oxygen in the blood and this can result in a heart attack. Carbon monoxide and nicotine contributes to high heart rate and blood pressure. Tar present in the cigarette coats the lungs, and leads to lung cancer and other lung diseases like emphysema. Usually emphysema is caused due to excessive smoking of cigarette.

It is estimated that three out of four deaths due to heart attacks are invariably caused due to smoking.

Cigarette smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of low birth weight baby, premature delivery, spontaneous abortion, and perinatal mortality. Therefore, when pregnant ladies smoke, they not only pose a dangerous to themselves, but also the unborn fetus.

Records indicate that deaths due to smoking have increased significantly over the years, and unless and until certain measures are taken to control the number of fatalities, it will keep on rising.

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Health Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes




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