Reasons Why Smoking Is Bad  

Although smoking is considered bad for the health, many people actually wonder what is the big deal about it. There are many reasons why smoking is bad for a person. One of the main reasons is that a smoker is at risk of getting lung cancer.

If you have ever seen a lung cancer patient, you would realize how painful this disease can be. It consumes the body and leaves very little chance of survival. And by smoking, you are constantly at risk of getting this disease.

Many people smoke because they like it. They mistakenly believe that smoking helps to calm them down, ease their tension or relaxes them. However, these effects are only temporary. Smoking plays havoc with the body and its internal organs. It has the capacity to damage the lungs leading to cancer, emphysema or chronic bronchitis. It can also lead to cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Smoking also causes a certain amount of brain damage by destroying the neurons in the brain. The chemical in the tobacco can leach calcium from the bones leading to brittle bones in the long run. Pregnant women, who smoke, can have spontaneous miscarriages, premature births, low birth babies or babies with certain mental or physical problems. According to a report by the World Health Organization, every 6.5 seconds, a smoker dies somewhere in the world.

It is not just smokers who are adversely affected but also people who inhale second hand smoke. They are, in fact, at a greater risk of contract lung cancer, emphysema or bronchitis.

The above reasons should prove to you that smoking is bad, if not dangerous, for you, your family and friends.

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Reasons Why Smoking Is Bad




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Reasons Why Smoking Is Bad )
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