Compatibility of ox and dragon zodiac - Year of the dragon chinese zodiac

Year Of The Dragon Chinese Zodiac

The dragon is one of the Chinese zodiac signs. It is believed to be the strongest and the mightiest of all the zodiac signs in the Chinese astrology. Some of the top traits of the dragon are dominance and ambitiousness. They will achieve what they have set to get and they are not the kind of people to give up. They can easily dominate anyone by using their tact and intelligence.

The things about dragon are that nobody can tell them what to do and they live on their own conditions and rules. They are very passionate about the things that they do in their life. They do not like to be told what to do but they always do the right things. However, the dragon is also known to be as extremely vengeful and it is better not to get into trouble with them. They will come after you if you upset them in anyway. The dragon is free spirited and a highly enthusiastic sign. The dragons hate routine of any kind and that is why you find extreme mood swings in them. They can rarely develop a hobby.More...


Compatibility Of Ox And Dragon Zodiac

Compatibility Of Ox And Dragon Zodiac

The ox and the dragon are two signs of the Chinese zodiac cycle. The ox and dragon may not be made for each other but they do have several qualities that compliment each other. They have several opposite or contrasting qualities and as they say opposites attract each other. However, the dragon is known to be a highly unpredictable animal, and the ox likes reliability. So, the ox is bound to get tired of the dragon's unpredictability.

The ox lacks enthusiasm and needs to know everything that is going to happen. However, the dragon may eventually get bored of the ox’s traits. There will be several disagreements in their relationship.

On a personal basis the ox is a very reliable sign and has a lot of stability. They are also very helpful and can complete their chores on time. They hate procrastinating. They can be quite systematic and meticulous in whatever they do. They always stick to their own decisions whether it is good or bad. The ox does not have a bad temper, and can be patient.More...


Dragon And Rooster Compatibility

Dragon And Rooster Compatibility

Dragon and roosters are two signs of the Chinese zodiac cycle and their compatibility is completely based on a give and take relation ship. The roosters are extremely cunning and smart, and they can think very quickly. They are very practical and also knowledgeable at the same time. Roosters are very aware of their surroundings and extremely analytical.

The dragon is also sharp minded and can find a way out of any situation in their life. They are also very aware of what is going on and they are not the ones to neglect a situation.

Both roosters and dragons can be perfectionist. However, the only difference is that the rooster will take action and do something with their tasks however the dragon is the least bothered about completing their work. These contrasting personalities may cause some trouble for both the zodiac signs in the end.More...