Pig and horse compatibility - When is the next year of the horse according to chinese astrology?

Chinese Zodiac Year Of The Horse

The horse is one of the signs of the Chinese zodiac cycle. The horse is a free spirit and is very strong, energetic and outgoing by nature. The horses love to be the centered of attention all time. They love people pampering them and also they always want to have a good time. When in crowd, the horse makes everyone happy because they have a good sense of humor and are quite witty.

Horses are very intelligent and they can easily take on new tasks. They learn things very fast. However, the problem is that they do not follow through what they have started. They can lose interest very soon and leave what they have started. However, they are extremely capable of multitasking and they can handle several things at one time like a juggler. The horse is a very honest creature and friendly. They are open minded and seldom keep any reservations about things and people.More...


Pig And Horse Compatibility

Pig And Horse Compatibility

The pig and the horse are two signs of the Chinese zodiac and they do have a good compatibility. There are some differences in the horse and pig but they can work together to overcome these differences to have a successful relationship. The pig and the horse both have a capacity to understand each other, so they can form a rewarding relationship.

They are both very hardworking creatures. They both can be dominating however the pig has to accept that the horse is the leader among them. Then the relationship will fall into place easily with them. They both have a lot of common interest like both like to travel, explore new places and like to be free in general. The pig can be a very accommodating person in nature and the horse is also a very giving person. They both can be very giving so they foster the relationship enough to make it work.More...


When Is The Next Year Of The Horse According To Chinese Astrology ?

When Is The Next Year Of The Horse According To Chinese Astrology

In the Chinese Zodiac astrology the whole system is represented by 12 animals. Every year is represented a unique animal among these twelve. So, the year of that specific animal comes only once in 12 years. For example, everyone born in the year 1978 is known to be a horse. So, every 12 years the horse sign repeats itself. Among all the signs, the year of the dragon is supposed to be luckiest for everyone.

The recent horse year that passed in the 21st century was in 2002 and the next one is expected after 12 years and that is in 2014. The zodiac signs have an order and they appear only in hat order open after the other.More...