Year of the rabbit horoscope characteristics - Rabbit and horse zodiac compatibility

Year Of The Rabbit Horoscope Characteristics

The rabbit is a very sensitive sign of the zodiac cycle. They are extremely sensitive as they can be easily hurt. Also, they are very understanding of other people's sorrows. These are some of the most popular traits and characteristics of the rabbit.

However, the rabbit year in general is considered good for one and all. The politics of the country would improve and diplomatic relationships will be good. People will fare well as they will get money easily. The rabbit is one of the most prosperous signs of all the twelve zodiacs of the Chinese horoscopes. The rabbit year is considered for everyone as it is a prosperous sign.More...


Rabbit And Horse Zodiac Compatibility

Rabbit And Horse Zodiac Compatibility

People born under the sign of rabbit are very sympathetic and also have a soft heart. They can readily cry and come across as sentimental people. They also know how to comfort others, as they know how exactly it feels. The rabbit makes a great friend, and also a dependable one. They will be with you in all your worries and never leave your side.

The rabbit, however, does not like too much of public attention, and they rather stay behind the scenes and watch everything. The rabbit is also realistic by nature. They do not like adventures and unknown surprises. They will not venture out into strange places or unknown territories. They are also not outdoor people. Just like the rabbit understands others sensitivity they also get very easily hurt. Once you hurt the rabbit, they will run far away from your sight and you may never see them again. People dealing with the rabbit should treat them very delicately.More...


Rabbit And Monkey Zodiac Compability

Rabbit And Monkey Zodiac Compability

The rabbit and the monkey are two individual signs of the Chinese zodiac signs. The rabbit and monkey actually exhibit quite contrasting qualities and several of them do not agree with each other.

The rabbit is a very shy animal and it can run away at the slightest of doubt or hurt. The rabbit is very sensitive to their own feelings and others feelings. They never hurt anyone even if they have a good reason to. They have a very noble spirit. The rabbit at the same time is also very suspicious of others and does not easily trust anyone. They always think that others are out to get them. However, the rabbit is very dependable and they can be very good friends. They are very good with comforting others when they are having difficulties. The rabbit is too emotional.More...


When Is The Year Of The Rabbit ?

When Is The Year Of The Rabbit

The year of the rabbit according to the Chinese astrology is a placid year. For example the year of the tiger is considered to be very ferocious. However the rabbit by nature is a very calm and peaceful animal. Even the year of the rabbit signifies and enhances the qualities of the rabbit. Also, people born under the year of the rabbit are considered very fortunate and lucky.

It is a year in which relationships will improve and also international relations and diplomacy will prosper. It is good for one and all. Everyone would like to know they would fare in rabbit year or the year of the specific Chinese zodiac sign. Every year is ruled by the animal’s qualities and luck. Since a rabbit year brings in luck and prosperity, one can bound to get indulgent and over confident. Also, the influence of the rabbit year can actually spoil a person and take away their sense of duty.More...