Rooster and snake compatibility - Snake zodiac personality - When is the year of the snake?

Snake Zodiac Personality

The snake is considered as an extremely shrewd and politically correct personality. The snake is intellectual and also carries a lot of wisdom. In life they will be usually widely traveled and know so many things and carry great knowledge. They are keen observers and see and learn a lot of things.

They have an analytical brain. The snakes will not take action immediately and are never hasty. Most of their decisions are well though over and very few times they regret for their actions. The best partner for the snake is the dragon. Opposites always attract, and the snake completes the dragon in several ways. Even the dragon has everything to offer that the snake wants.More...


Rooster And Snake Compatibility

Rooster And Snake Compatibility

An ancient Chinese proverb says that when you find a snake in the house your children will not starve. It is actually considered as a good omen to see a snake in the house. The snake is a good creature according to the Chinese zodiacs and there is nothing to be ashamed of to be born under the year of the snake. The people born under this sign have several good qualities.

The snake, according it the Chinese horoscope, is very adjusting and sacrificing personality. They are also very forgiving. They however are very keen and cunning along with being intelligent and wise. Their wisdom helps them to make their right decisions always. The snake can talk very well because of their wisdom and can be great mediators to people who have problems. They make excellent counselors. Given all this, the snake is also very materialistic.More...


Snake And Dragon Compatibility

Snake And Dragon Compatibility

The snake and the dragon have completely different personalities according to the Chinese zodiac signs. The snakes personality is completely and exactly opposite to the dragon. However, the saying goes that opposites always attract which is true to a large extent. The dragon is a very enterprising person and ultra confident. They live by their own rules, and do not like to be confined to one place or listen to others. In short, they do not make very good marriage material.

They can be tactless and very brave. The dragon does everything with great passion and interest, however they can lose their interest quickly and they do not follow through with things that they start. They have a foul temper and lose it very soon.More...


When Is The Year Of The Snake ?

When Is The Year Of The Snake

The snake years so far have been 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989 and 2001. The next snake year is coming in 2013. The snake is full of introspect, intuitions and gathering wisdom. The personality traits of the snake are intellectuality and wisdom. The snakes are extremely wise. They can be very refined and careful in life. Snakes have a lot of positive and great qualities in them, and they sacrifice a lot for the end result. They are also very adjusting by nature.

However it does not mean that they give way to bad treatment. Nobody can actually treat them badly. They are likely to go after and sort it out with them. Never get rough with the snake as they will hit you with their wisdom.More...