Dream Interpretation And Bee Sting

Dream Interpretation And Bee Sting

The dreaming world attaches a lot of significance to bees.

Bees have symbolized productivity, regeneration and wisdom even to the ancient cultures. For some, bees indicate royalty, immortality, power and obedience. Beehives denote a growing industry.Bees are quite a common symbol in many dreams. The way they manifest includes beehives, honey comb, honey, and even sting!

Bee stings are not considered to be a very desirable symbol in dreams. Though bees are considered lucky, stings warn people about certain bad times that may step in their life for a short while just like the painful “sting” lasts for a short time.

A bee sting is believed to indicate the arrival of certain “stinging” or “painful” feelings in real life. You may look back and see whether your relationships are going right in every way. Since bee signifies productivity, you may also look at any warnings at professional level.

People dreaming of bee stings in their hands are also warned about a painful act which they may experience that could hurt their feelings very badly. Again, when the bee stings, it leads to its destruction as it dies. Hence, a bee sting may also represent sacrificing something or someone in your life that you value a lot.

However, the other versions of the bee symbol occurring in dreams indicate positive events. For instance, if you dream of honey, it could indicate a symbol of a great positive revolution or transformation in your goals or relationships. You may even expect a reward for your performance at work!

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Dream Interpretation And Bee Sting