Dream Interpretation And Flying

Dream Interpretation And Flying

Dreams are categorized in various types. When certain dreams occur, people become aware in the middle that they are actually dreaming! Such dreams are called lucid dreams.

Flying dreams typically fall into this category.These dreams give a since of freedom and joy without restrictions or inhibitions. People are exhilarated after they dream of flying liberated and energetic. They are willing to face the realities more readily. Hence, flying dreams indicate your personal confidence in your existence and power. It talks more about self-control and significant success in your life.

Observe how you experience your flying dream. You may be enjoying a scenic landscape and fly with ease. This means that you are feeling on top of the world and you are extremely happy.

If you fear during your flight and you do not enjoy the experience, it indicates that you lack confidence and you are not prepared to face challenges or obstacles that come your way.

If you are insecure about your flying or you find it difficult to stay up, it indicates your insecurity on certain aspects in your life. You feel a lack of control in handling challenges.

If you see mountains or trees obstructing your way, you feel there are barriers or obstacles in the form of person or events that are stopping your progress. Sit back and identify what hinders your confidence and growth before you move forward. Are you confident of yourself? Do you believe in what you are doing? Are you afraid of something unknown to you?

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Dream Interpretation And Flying