Dream Interpretation And Meaning

Dream Interpretation And Meaning

Dreams are believed to be a way to bring our deepest thoughts to the surface. Nightmares are just fears embedded in our subconscious minds.

The world of dreams has been pretty enchanting for many scholars and psychologists and many of them assume that the symbols that occur in dreams have scientific interpretations of the present mental state or the near future.Dreams are perceived to be mysterious and baffling with sudden shifts of unrelated events organized in a bizarre fashion. Some dreams come with terrifying images while others make us very happy. Since they are very compelling to analyze, dreams have become a major topic of research for many years.

Various theories explain what causes dreams to surface out during sleep. Still the purpose of dreaming has not been understood. Interpretations also vary with theories which make it sometimes confusing to believe and decipher what it means.

After deep research, some scientists believe that dreams are nothing more than fantasies while others think they do not serve much purpose and they surface out by sheer coincidence. However, dream analysis is widely popular in various parts of the world.

One of the most popular book on dreaming has been written by Sigmund Freud entitled The Interpretation of Dreams. He suggests that dream manifests our innate desires and our wish to fulfill them. Our wishes disguise in the form of imagery which appears in dreams.

Calvin Hall interpreted dreams from the symbols that appeared along with the action and interactions of the dreamer and the settings in which the dream occurred.

In short, dream interpretation does not aim to understand the dream. It concentrates more on the mental state of the dreamer.

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Dream Interpretation And Meaning