Lottery And Dream Interpretation Numbers

Lottery And Dream Interpretation Numbers

Dreaming of lottery signifies that undesirable times are on their way to knocking your door very soon.

You may engage yourself in some worthless venture. You may have to be aware of unfriendly business partners who could bring trouble to your work life. Your love life may not be quite stable and steady in the long run, and it is just giving you some temporary pleasure.

If you dream of playing a lottery, beware if you are hoping about something unrealistic.

If you dream of winning a lottery, you are warned of some oncoming events that may be unpleasant.

It is not a good sign to dream about losing a lottery. It indicates that you may be a victim of some fake friends who are actually conspiring against you. You may also welcome an oncoming depression which may result in gloomy times.

If you are holding the winning number of the lottery, you may gain in the speculation. However, the future can be very perplexing and you may be forced to become stressed and anxious of some uncertain issues.

If you dream about other people winning a lottery, it is generally a good sign or oncoming amusing times where you may bring many of your friends together.

If a young woman dreams of lottery, it means her careless approach to executing tasks would bring in a lot of disappointment. Her husband may not be very reliable and the relationship may be unstable. Permanency of a long-term relationship would be a question.

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Lottery And Dream Interpretation Numbers