What Does The Number 9 In A Dream Symbolize

What Does The Number 9 In A Dream Symbolize ?

Out of all the numerical digits, number 9 is most intriguing. Mathematically speaking, this is the only number that on multiplication with any number gives a product that on adding up again comes to number 9. For instance, 6 multiplied with 9 gives the product 54, wherein 5 and 4 sum up as 9. This number also holds immense religious importance, in several communities across the globe.

Certain important aspects regarding the number 9 that have been highlighted by the Bible include the fact that Lord Jesus died in the ninth hour of his crucification, two Jewish temples were destroyed in the ninth month of the Jewish calendar referred to as Ab, and according to the Hebrews this planet has been visited by God nine times. The number 9 holds significance for the Romans as well. Once in every nine years, this community holds a feast in the memory of the dead. As per the Hellenic burial rituals, the mourning period after demise is also for 9 days.

Dreaming of this number is considered symbolic in many ways. However, the interpretation tends to vary in each specific case. One explanation of such dreams revolves around the theory of karma that illustrates the ideology that every good or bad deed committed in one’s lifetime comes back in some form or the other. Therefore, if you are focusing your endeavors towards a particular cause and dreaming of the number 9 during that phase, it could be an indication of achieving results as per your karma. The number could also be signifying renewal, which could in your life interpret as a recovery from an illness or an alteration in viewpoint with regards to a relationship or life in general. Finally, the number could also reflect the phase of new beginnings that could either be a matter of happiness for some who are keen on taking on new opportunities or sadness for those who fear the endings that pave way for the beginning.

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What Does The Number 9 In A Dream Symbolize