How To Control Your Dreams ?

How To Control Your Dreams ?

A lot of people complain that they lose their sleep frequently due to nightmares. They always are on the prowl to find out some technique with which they can control their dreams. There are indeed some ways with which one can exercise control over what he or she dreams. Whatever a person visualizes while sleeping is not meant to distract him during his sleep, but these are clues about the information that the brain is trying to process.

While dreaming, a person can see his thought process through various signs and symbols. If a person wants to control what he dreams, he must first learn to understand these signs and symbols. The most common methods by which a person can control his dreams include:

Lucid dreaming: The awareness about the fact that you are dreaming is known as lucid dreaming. This can be developed with practice. As a person improves, he can start manipulating what happens in the dream and converse with the symbols in new and innovative ways.

Improving dream recall: A person must first learn to improve his dream recall in order to control his dreams. Most people are able to remember only a few of their dreams every week while others cannot recall dreaming at all. However, it is a fact that everybody dreams as they sleep.

Once a person is able to influence his dreams, he can utilize his sleep time to practice his social skills, learn about his fears and phobias which are creating an obstruction in what he wants to achieve in his life and find out how to overcome them. It is not very difficult to control dreams but mastering this art can be a demanding process.

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How To Control Your Dreams