What Do Certain Dreams Mean ?

What Do Certain Dreams Mean ?

Dreams are the vehicle with which our souls communicate with us. The occurrence of a particular type of dream has a unique reason behind it. They can have a healing and inspiring effect on us. Below the meaning of certain dreams has been discussed and how they can be used for our benefit.

Integration dreams: They show a certain behavioral aspect of our being which is a part of us but we are afraid of embracing it because we dislike it. They indicate that embracing these aspects by a person will help him in becoming a more wholesome personality.

Venting dreams: They can at times be terrifying. These are nightmares like failing a test, falling or arriving at an interview in a shabby shirt. A person before deleting these from his memory should remember that these dreams cannot assist him in getting ready for anything important, or help him in removing the mental blockade stopping him to express his full creativity.

Breakthrough dreams: They point out that a big change is around the corner. A person might see death, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and similar other occurrences in them. These are symbols indicating that change should be embraced happily as it is an unavoidable part of a life.

Prophetic dreams: As the name suggests, these dreams apparently tell the future. A reasonable hypothesis would be that our unconscious mind puts together all the missing pieces before we consciously place the same information together.

Processing dreams: These are the most common type of dreams. They are the least important and are quite easily forgotten. In such dreams, our mind clears its pending business. These include the memories of the day or our existing worries.

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What Do Certain Dreams Mean