What Does It Mean To Dream About A Tiger

What Does It Mean To Dream About A Tiger ?

Evaluating a dream involving animals is rather easy. To begin with, let us first understand the fact that dreaming of an animal that too a wild one is a reflection of our untamed personality traits. Every human being has a negative shade to his or her personality. These can be regarded as our animal instincts.

A winner is one who can overpower these negatives with his or her wisdom and maturity. Those who let these traits get the better off them, often find themselves caught up in immoral circumstances. Once this fundamental symbolization of animals is well comprehended, the dreams can be interpreted taking into consideration the basic traits of the animal figuring in the dream.

The tiger undoubtedly symbolizes might, vigor and leadership. Just like this animal, an individual dreaming of a tiger could be one bestowed with these qualities, ready to shoulder any responsibility with courage. Such a person generally overpowers all his or her problems with unmatched might and skill. The dream could have an additional meaning if the animal is seen attacking the dreamer. In this case, the outcome of the attack establishes the real significance. A situation wherein you emerge as a winner controlling the beast in the dream, you are sure to achieve success in your endeavors. However, if you get harmed or killed in the bargain; this could be an indication of an approaching unfortunate circumstance in life. Similarly, seeing the animal caged in a dream is also not a very encouraging sign. This could either be a sign of being trapped in an unhappy circumstance or could signify the victory of your adversaries.

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What Does It Mean To Dream About A Tiger