How to read the aura? - What is aura reading? - Aura reading for beginners

What Is Aura Reading ?

Every person has a certain kind of energy governing their body. It may be a positive or a negative energy. By looking at a persons aura one can make out if the person is under good or bad influence. One can also detect health problems by looking at a person’s aura.

What Is Aura Reading

A healthy and a positive person’s aura will always be bright and white in color. The person will have a certain glow around their body.

Auras also have colors and every color corresponds to the type of energy the person is surrounded with. Negative and bad energy are always called elementals. There is another type of negative energy that is occupying the aura and causing harm to the person. By doping aura reading one can attempt to clear these negative energies and rectify the system of the person.More...


Aura Reading For Beginners

Aura Reading For Beginners

Every person has an aura. An aura is nothing but an energy surrounding your body. It is called as the energetic manifestation of a person’s soul. When you concentrate on an object or a person, you will see an energetic outline on their body and it looks like a haze.

If a person is angry, for example, this particular haze will be red in color. Also, the haze will look very dirty when the person is not in their right state of mind. The dirty energy occupying a person’s aura is called elementals.More...


How To Read The Aura ?

How To Read The Aura

Most people think there is paranormal things gut it is just a part of nature that we still did not understand. There is so much to know on this planet and things that we do not know and still experience are termed as paranormal. That is because human beings still do not have an explanation for what has been going on.

In the ancient times, people called these paranormal things miracles because they could not understand how it could take place. However, if you compare the present day knowledge several of these miracles have a scientific explanation. Similarly what we do not understand today and call it paranormal may have an explanation tomorrow.More...