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Know How To Use Your Intuition ?

Intuition is the feeling of knowing something that is going to happen and there is evidence of knowing it will actually happen. You cannot even relate to that feeling or know if you can or not believe it. It is also called gut feeling or heart felt feeling by some people because they knew it would happen.More...

Development Of Intuition

Development Of Intuition

Intuition is the ability to know if something is going to happen. It is a type of feeling that we all experience at some point or the other. They are like prophecies that come true.

Intuition may also seem like an inner voice that is constantly guiding you. More...


Strengthening Your Intuition

Strengthening Your Intuition

Intuition is the power of the subconscious mind which tells you what to do. Some people call it the inner voice or a gut feeling and so on. It is a very strong feeling which acts as a guiding force or warning, sometimes. The heart beats also change when a person has an intuition.

Intuition can be developed if a person wants. Most people do not believe in their intuitions and ignore it. However, when you start believing in it and following it, instantly you will notice that your intuitions are getting stronger day by day. You will almost have an inner voice telling you or helping you in making decisions instantly.More...


How Does Intuition Work ?

How Does Intuition Work

Intuition is very difficult to explain because in the end it is a feeling that senses the future. It comes from the mind and the feeling is so strong that you often feel ticklish in your belly. Several people get intuitions about various things. For instance, one can even feel if something is going to happen to them if they step out of the house. It could be a good feeling or an ominous one.

Intuition may be about good or bad events that are going to take place. Out of every ten times, nine times people’s intuition comes true. The feeling of intuition happens really fast and it comes to you in a split second and vanishes. It may repeat itself several times.More...