How Telepathy Is Tested ?

How Telepathy Is Tested ?

Telepathy is the able to communicate to another person without actually talking to them. It is a psychic phenomenon and a psychic ability to possess a power to communicate. It is a known fact that humans share magnetic fields and other kind of energy fields. It is through these energy fields that one mind can communicate to the other.

In telepathy, there is a sender of information and there is a receiver. This kind of sending and receiving information can also be done unknowingly. Some animal behavior experts believe that dogs have a great capability of telepathy. Even whales have it and they communicate with each other for far off distances. If animals can have it, then humans also possess it naturally. However, there is no evidence to support the fact that how this process takes place. That is why they categorize it as psychic phenomenon.

Experiments were conducted using two people and their psychic abilities. One person was shown an image and asked to concentrate and send the same information to another person who is a receiver. After practicing several times the person was able to communicate the image to the receiver and the receiver was also able to identify the images without actually being told what it was. The results were even published in the form of detailed papers. Telepathic communications can take place between two individuals irrespective of the distance between them. It is also possible to communicate with the dead according to some cultures using telepathy.

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How Telepathy Is Tested