Feng Shui And House Direction  

In order to determine the house direction of any property you buy, you should differentiate between the facing direction and sitting direction. The facing direction is measured in degree.

It is the orientation of the house facing. The sitting direction is the degree which is magnetically opposite to the facing direction. For instance, if the house facing direction is 5 degrees, sitting direction is 185 degrees.There are 2 systems to determine the recommended house direction. The Eight Mansions System says that the Kua number of the breadwinner of the family should match the sitting direction of the house. The flying star system grades the house based on the construction period as well as the facing direction. It is advisable to follow one of the systems throughout the house as there are conflicts between both.

The Eight Mansions System divides the house directions into East and West groups. House that sits on the South, East, South East and North directions belong to the East group while a house that sits on North east, West, South west and North West directions belong to the West group. According to this system, a person who belongs to the East group should live in a East house.

The Flying Star system states that houses that are built between February 2004 and February 2024, called Period Eight Houses should ideally face SW1, NE1, NW2, SE2, NW3, and SE3. These houses are also popularly referred to as "Prosperous Mountain Prosperous Water". This does not mean the other directions are not auspicious.

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Feng Shui And House Direction




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