Feng Shui Bedroom Tips  

If you follow the recommendation of a good Feng Shui bedroom, you can promote calmness, intimacy and a relaxed ambience.

The bedroom excited you and lures you in and you find it quite welcoming to spend time and catch up on a power nap or a sound sleep.A Feng Shui bedroom discourages computer, TV or any exercise equipment inside the bedroom as the good energy is destroyed. Ensure that the bedroom is airy and you allow fresh air to enter the room by opening the windows. Use an air-purifier to make the air fresh. Ensure you do not breathe in stale or polluted air.

Avoid placing any indoor plants inside the bedroom, especially if it is small. If the bedroom area is large, place it far away from the bed.

Choose a soothing color for your bedroom. Use bright lights for reading but dim the lights to get a better and relaxed ambience. If you are using candles, make sure it does not let out toxins. Choose imagery or paintings which depict what you wish for in life.

Avoid aligning the bed with the bedroom door. It is better to place it at the diagonal end from the door. Have two small tables on either side of the bed so that you can approach it easily. Use a good mattress and invest on high quality bed sheets made of natural fibers.

Do not keep any doors in the bedroom open in the night. This includes bathroom doors and closets as well.

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Feng Shui Bedroom Tips




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