How To Do Numerology

How To Do Numerology ?

While other arts like astrology and palmistry primarily concentrate in predicting an individual’s future life events, numerology mainly focuses on providing information on one’s personality traits. Numerology is an art that confers meaning to numbers. Some experts in the field of numerology give importance to only one’s birth date to calculate the life plan number. However, many also take into account the name of the concerned person.

It is rather interesting how on knowing your life plan number, you can know details about your character and who all you will be compatible with in business and relationships. Interestingly, you can even get answers as to why you react the way you normally do in certain situations. However, if you are someone who desires to know about the future, then numerology may be of little assistance to you.

Calculating your life plan number is not a difficult task. There are a number of books and websites that can guide you with the procedure. Well, for those who are really keen, here goes the exact method. Take for instance the date of birth of a person as August 2, 1974. The first step involves breaking the month and year into numbers. For instance, August being the eighth month of the year will be denoted as number 8. So, August = 8, birth day stands as number 2 +0=2, and the year has to be split in the form of 1+9+7+4 = 21, which again has to be segregated into 2+1 = 3. Now, look at the grand total of all the resultant three numbers obtained; that is 8+2+3 = 13. The number 13 again comes to 1+3 = 4. Thus, the life plan number of this person is 4.

Gaining information about this number will certainly furnish a great deal of information about the individual’s characteristics. In order to obtain further knowledge, one could go into the concept of assigning numbers to letters and thereby utilizing one’s name and birth place for further evaluations.

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How To Do Numerology