Buddhism Beliefs

Buddhism Beliefs

Buddhism has very basic beliefs and lays emphasis on simple things in life. The religion comprises of the teachings of Buddha. There are four noble truths according to the teachings of Lord Buddha. These noble rules help a person attain freedom from suffering. The person who follows these simple rules will be free for a lifetime from worries and suffering.


Many of the great monks belong to the Theravada Sect and Mahayana Buddhism which set off in Sri Lanka around 1996. However both were unified in their beliefs.
Some of the points of Buddhism are:

  • The Buddha is the only true master
  • People can find solace in Buddha, Sangha and Dhamma
  • This world was not created by god or ruled by Him
  • The main purpose in life should be to have empathy for all the living beings, avoid prejudice and also work for the good, happiness and peace of others. Every being has to realize the truth in their life.
  • They should accept the 4 noble truths of Buddhism whole heartedly.
  • Samskaara, which means worldly things, Anitya, which means transition, Dukka, which means sadness, and Dharma exist without self or the abhorrence.


There are thirty seven qualities totally which help a person attain enlightenment. These are some of the different things that were taught by Buddha.

There are different ways through which a person can gain enlightenment, by being a disciple, by leading the life of a Bodhi Sattava or having the highest and noblest qualities.
Buddhism is practiced in different ways across several countries. However, the ideals of these various forms should not be confused with the actual preachings of Buddha.

We question if Buddhism is an atheistic or a theistic religion. This faith does not believe in god per se and the followers also do not believe that god was responsible for creating the universe. Lord Buddha’s preaching’s say that one should look at life practically, and people should be looking for ways to attain enlightenment. Buddha did not say god does not exist altogether. As Buddhism spread as a religion, the followers were encouraged to embrace it along with their already held religious beliefs. So many other religious beliefs and gods were made part of Buddhism.

The current day Buddhism speaks of several divine beings and also believes that they represent a psychic life. One of the main fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism is that one should be born as a human being in order to attain Nirvana or enlightenment.

According to Buddhism, soul does not exist. A human being is made up of 5 elements, and they are the physical form, mental development, awareness, ideations and feelings. All these come together when a human being is born.

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