What Is My Mayan Zodiac Sign ?

What Is My Mayan Zodiac Sign ?

Mayan Zodiac sign is very similar to the western astrology that uses the 12 zodiac signs.

There are symbols even in the Mayan zodiac to represent each sign. Also, these signs are divided based on the segments of the year. In order to find out which Mayan zodiac sign you are, you need to correspond your date of birth with the zodiac dates.Most of the predictions tend to be very similar to the astrological predictions in the Mayan zodiac. Here is a list of Mayan zodiac signs and you can find out which sign you are from here.

Ch'en: January 2 to 21

Yax: January 22 to February 10

Zac: February 11 to March 2

Ceh: March 3 to March 22

Mak: March 23 to April 11

K'ank'in: April 12 to May 1

Muan: May 2 to May 21

Pax: May 22 to June 10

Cayab: June 11 to June 30

Kumk'u: July 1 to July 20

Uayeb: July 21 to July 25

Pop: July 26 to August 14

Ou: August 15 to September 3

Zip: September 4 to September 23

Zotz: September 24 to October 13

Zec: October 14 to November 2

Xul: November 3 to November 22

Yaxk'in: November 23 to December 12

Mol: December 13 to January 1

Based on these dates you can easily tell which Mayan zodiac sign you are. Once you ascertain your Mayan zodiac sign, you can look the characteristics associated with the sign. Each sign has individual profile and most of them say good things about the zodiac sign. Also, you will find a great similarity between these and the western zodiac signs.

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