Constellation Aries History  

The first person to observe the pattern of zodiac signs and spot them in the night skies is a Greek Astronomer called Hipparchus. He spotted the Aries constellation in 2nd century BC. He contributed to astrology by finding out several other constellations too and documented them. He established starting points to sketch all the zodiacs by joining imaginary lines for the stars.

Those days most of the stars were visible through the naked eye. He worked his way up from the equator and identified the zodiac signs. Aries resembles the zodiac sign of the Ram. The constellation of Aries determines the first point of Aries which is a significant star of the sky. Pisces and Taurus are located very close to the Aries.

There are many Greek legends and mythological stories on the constellation of Aries. To spot the constellation you should look for the V shaped stars. The legend has it that a group of warriors set out on a ship to acquire the golden fleece of the Ram and ended up as the V shaped stars installed by Zeus the god of the skies.

The Aries constellation has no bright stars. There other brighter stars in the neighboring constellation and one in Taurus, for example. This star is used as a reference point to spot the Aries. However, it is more popular as the Star of Aries because one usually refers to it to spot Aries constellation. You can spot the Aries constellation better when you look through a telescope or an observatory.

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Constellation Aries History




Facts-On-The-Constellation-Aries      The Constellation of Aries is quite mystical. The fact is that it does not have any of the brightest stars. It is quite difficult to locate this constellation through naked eyes. If you look in the eastward direction in the evenings, then you will spot a V shaped group of stars. This is where the Aries constellation will be. It is called the Hyades. More..




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Constellation Aries History )
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