What Is The Astrological Symbol For Leo ?

What Is The Astrological Symbol For Leo ?

Leo is a fire sign and astrologically termed as the fifth zodiac sign representing positivity. People born between July 21 and August 22 are said to be falling under this zodiac sign. Although the starting date of the zodiac is July 21st, the complete power of the zodiac takes about a week to affirm itself.

The same goes for the week towards the end of the assigned one month period. These two weeks on the either side on the period in consideration are referred to as the 'cusp' of the outgoing or incoming sign, Cancer and Virgo respectively.

People born under the zodiac sign of Leo always believe in standing above the rest. With the assets of a strong will and conviction to follow their dreams, they make great leaders and settle for nothing but the best. Generosity, sympathy, loyalty, enthusiasm and optimism are a few of the traits that Leos are born with. Leos are generally averse to changes in life. They prefer the status quo condition. They gel with people with strong personalities and individuality. They believe in the motto of 'forgive and forget'. Forgiveness comes naturally to the magnanimous lion and lioness.

Leos do not like to be dictated and are extremely protective about their pride. Showing disrespect or hurting a Leo's ego will put you on a wrong footing with them. Above all, love is what they value the most. With pampering and attention, you can make a Leo do anything. People born as Leos are prone to laziness. They need to have a perpetual aim in life, in the absence of which they tend to lose their tremendous energy and slide into a depressive mood. An objective in life and lots of audience is what makes a Leo prosper!

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What Is The Astrological Symbol For Leo