What Is The Best Match For Leo ?

What Is The Best Match For Leo ?

The zodiac Leo symbolizes the lion and as we all know that ruling over others comes naturally to this 'king of the jungle'. Keeping this perspective in mind, it is essential to understand that any Leo man or woman likes to be the 'king' or 'queen' in his or her realm. Along with this inherent characteristic of dominance, Leos are extremely caring and passionate lovers.

Since Leo is a fire sign, the probability of clicking with water signs is rather remote. A Cancer may find it difficult to handle the mood swings of a Leo. With a Scorpio, there would always be a tussle of control and a Piscean would find a Leo overbearing. The air signs do not seem to gel with Leos as well. While a Gemini would miss out on the basic need of a Leo that is pampering the ego, an Aquarian could be unnerved by a Leo's impulsive character. As for a Libra, who believes in perfect balancing, he or she may not be able to match the temperamental extremes of a Leo.

The attraction between two Leos is instantaneous. Well aware of each others strengths and weakness, this can be a perfect match only if the ego conflicts can be somehow managed. The other two fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius can prove to be fairly good partners of Leos. Both Leos and Aries are outgoing in nature and are full of positive energy. However, problems may be faced during arguments as both have an equally bad temper.

Sagittarius is one zodiac sign that is not intimated by the persona and flamboyance of a Leo. In fact, they have the knack to put across certain vital messages to a Leo. Except for Virgo, the other two earth signs match well with Leos. A Taurus is seldom deterred by a Leo's conduct and in return Leos admire the conviction of a Taurus. The Capricorn and Leo match seems the most balanced. While the former adds practicality to life, the latter brings in enthusiasm. Both are control freaks but luckily in different domains so they stay away from each others area of power.

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What Is The Best Match For Leo