What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With Leo ?

What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With Leo ?

Although Leos are known for their kindness and generosity but their domineering nature tends to leave them with only a few compatible zodiac signs. Leos are the most compatible with other fire signs, Sagittarius and Aries. Apart from these two, Leos are also seen to be compatible with people born in the zodiac sign of Gemini and Libra.

Aries and Leos are both extroverts living life to the fullest. The only difference being that while an Aries person gives little value to public image, for a Leo social opinion matters immensely. As a team, they are weak in terms of financial stability as they both enjoy extravagance.

Sagittarius and Leo also get along really well. The combination brings up amazing excitement and happiness. A Sagittarian is the only one who can handle the lion’s fiery outbursts with ease. However, the only problem that arises between the two is linked to their individual perspectives on the front of loyalty. While a Leo once committed does not have a roving eye, a Sagittarius has strong instincts towards flirtation.

The compatibility index is rather high when it comes to a Leo and Libra. Both are born lovers and are very passionate about their relationships. Another dominant aspect that adds to their tuning is the fact that a Libra's well balanced personality neutralizes the obstinacy trait of a Leo. A Gemini and Leo union is also quite fulfilling. A Leo likes to get things done as per his or her desire, which is well understood by a Gemini as not a controlling gesture but one that looks into the best interest of both. Each party adjusts well to the varying temperaments of other one. The problematic areas are the laziness of a Leo that irks a Gemini and the limelight hogging habit of the Leo, thereby overshadowing the Gemini who also enjoys social attention.

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What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With Leo