When Does A Scorpio Say I Love You ?

When Does A Scorpio Say I Love You ?

When you fall in love with a Scorpio man or a woman, it is them who will say that they love first. They will not have it any other way. A Scorpio personality does not like to be dominated, and they are so charming that they can get people interested in them very easily.

Scorpio never finds problem with finding a person to love. However, they cannot keep relationships going for too long. They love to stay in love, but it becomes difficult for their partner to deal with them and so they leave. When the partner leaves, they will never forgive them for it or accept them back. A Scorpio is fiercely guarding of their love. They go after everything with a vengeance whether it is career or personal relationships. If they have to have something, then they have to have it and there is no way out. However, they will use all their charms to get it.

For Scorpio man or woman when they come out and say they love you, it is like winning a war. They are victorious, and their victory is all they want. In a war, it is the Scorpio that always wins. They do not appreciate qualities like trust in others or themselves. They are not the kind who says they love you because they totally trust you to be their life partner, they would say it because they have won you over, and now they own you. However, Scorpio does manage to have good relationships with a cancer or Aquarius.

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When Does A Scorpio Say I Love You