Who Is The Scorpio Most Compatible With ?

Who Is The Scorpio Most Compatible With ?

The Scorpio is most compatible with Cancer and Aquarius. A Scorpio is the most enigmatic sign of all the 12 zodiac signs. When people fall in love with a Scorpio, they get swept away with their emotions, intellect, practicality and their charms. It is difficult for everyone to turn a blind eye to their charms.

A Scorpio is deeply emotional character and they guard their emotions by pretending to be very tough. In realty they re not tough at all and they can be hurt very easily. However, people are led to believe so. A Scorpio is very unforgiving in life and personal relationships. Once they hate a person, they hate them forever. If the person hurt them deeply, they will make sure to hurt them back hundred times more, and make them feel hundred times worse than they felt. That is their victory.

Scorpio will not get to that point with a cancer or an Aquarius. All the three of them are water signs. Aquarius is very mature and Cancer is very emotional. Aquarius is secluded and not expressive; Scorpio is very sensual and passionate. So their traits suit each other. A Cancer feels protected with a Scorpio, so they will never leave their partner. A Cancer understands the deep emotions of a Scorpio and they do not hurt anyone emotionally. However, in a Cancer and Scorpio relationship, the Scorpio is the one who feels weak on their knees. They are so fiercely protective of their partners that nobody can hurt them. The Cancer is super happy because she gets hurt all the time and nobody can actually get to her now.

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Who Is The Scorpio Most Compatible With