Who Discovered The Constellation Taurus ?

Who Discovered The Constellation Taurus ?

Taurus is one of the ancient constellations and has been identified in the beginning of the star constellations. One of the first civilizations to have identified the Taurus was the ancient Greeks.

The Taurus constellation is identified by the sign of the raging bull. The V shaped stars identify the bull’s horns in the night sky. These stars are easily visible in the night sky during January at around 9 pm. The head of the bull is identified by these stars in a V shape. The Taurus constellation also contains the cluster called Pleiades or the seven stars. They are also known as the 7 sisters in Greek mythology. There is another cluster of stars called the Hyades also within the constellation of Taurus.

The Taurus contained the Crab nebula which was a supernova and very famous. If you want to find the Taurus constellation, then you have to look for the V shaped stars in the sky. The Alpha Tauri is the brightest star of the constellation, and it is bright red in color. It is believed to be five times the size of the sun. The same star is also used to identify the Aries and also can be called the Alpha star of the Aries constellation.

The Hyades has an important place in the Taurus constellation. It has nearly 200 stars within it. All these facts were compiled through modern observatories.

However, one of the first people to study the Taurus was a 2nd century BC Greek astrologer called Hippocrates.

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