Best Fertilizer For A Lawn  

      If you have gone out to shop for fertilizers for your lawn, you know that there are many different kinds to choose from. This can be very confusing when you are looking for the best fertilizer for a lawn. However, fertilizers are primarily divided into 4 categories and they are granular fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, synthetic fertilizer and organic fertilizer.

      The best fertilizer for a lawn is one that is slow release in nature. You will be able to find this type of fertilizer in any home improvement store. This fertilizer is the best because it releases the nutrients for you lawn over a period of time, and as the nutrients are released, the root system of the grass fills up any bare patches there are. In addition, you should look for a slow release fertilizer with weed control. This is absolutely necessary otherwise all the nutrients from the fertilizer will be taken up by the weeds and not the grass.

      Before buying a fertilizer, it is a must to read the instructions very carefully because a particular fertilizer may not be ideal for your type of lawn. If you think that this is the best fertilizer for a lawn, that is your lawn, you should purchase and then follow the application instructions thoroughly. You should also carefully follow the number of times you should apply the fertilizer and the condition it should be applied in.

      In general, lawn fertilizers are best applied using spreaders. You should fill the applicator in the garage so that you do not burn the grass by accidentally dropping fertilizer while loading the applicator. Once you fill the applicator, you can wheel the spreader to the lawn and apply the best fertilizer for a lawn without any worries.

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Best Fertilizer For A Lawn




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