Best Fertilizer For Apple Trees

Best Fertilizer For Apple Trees

Practically every home in the US will have an apple tree growing in their garden. The good thing about apple trees is that they grow in all the states of the US, they are hardy trees and can adapt to most kinds of soils. Though the tree requires maintenance to get a good yield, the taste of the fruits make it worthwhile.

When using fertilizer for apple trees, a person should think twice about the kind of fertilizer to use. Before planting an apple tree in your backyard, it might make sense to get the soil tested. This test will allow you to see whether the soil requires extra phosphorus, potassium or nitrogen and based on the test you should select the fertilizer. In case the soil has a pH level between 6 and 7.5 or if the amount of phosphorus or potassium is less, then you require a fertilizer that has a nutrient ratio of 15-5-10. Otherwise, you require a high nitrogen fertilizer for the soil. (See Reference 1) Generally, in the first year of its life, the apple tree needs 1 pound of fertilizer with a nutrient ratio of 10-10-10. This fertilizer should be spread into the soil around the tree and should be provided to the tree in the first month after it is planted. (See Reference 1)

Thereafter, the amount of fertilizer that an apple tree requires is based on how the tree grows during the first year of its life. In the second year, the apple tree requires a balanced fertilizer that is in the ratio of 10-10-10. Around 2 pounds of the fertilizer should be mixed into the soil around the tree. The fertilizer should be put around 6 inches away from the trunk of the tree. The following year, which would be the third year of the tree's life, the same fertilizer ratio should be used, but the quantity should be enhanced to 3 pounds. In the fourth year, once again use the same fertilizer, but increase the quantity to 4 pounds. Continue to increase the quantity of the fertilizer by one pound each year until the apple tree gets matured. (See Reference 1)

A matured apple tree should be fertilized based on its growth and the nutrients present in the soil. Once the apple trees begins to bear fruits, the fertilizer needs of the tree should be fulfilled if a person wants continued good harvest of fruits for the rest of the tree's life. (See Reference 1)

So, the best fertilizer for apple trees is based on the growth of the trees as well as the nutrients present in the soil.

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