Best Rated Organic Lawn Fertilizers

Best Rated Organic Lawn Fertilizers

The best rated organic lawn fertilizers are made from natural ingredients and are considered to be environmentally friendly. Not only do they provide the necessary nutrients to the grass, they also help to increase the nutrient levels in the soil. Using organic lawn fertilizers will ensure that no toxic chemicals enter your garden, making it a safe place for your kids and household pets.

Some of the best rated organic lawn fertilizers are discussed below:

TerraCycle is a lawn fertilizers made from castings of worms. These castings are rich in nitrate nitrogen, potassium as well as phosphorus. It is manufactured from eco-friendly methods in liquid forms and sold in re-used soda bottles, which come with attached nozzle. All a person needs to do is spray the fertilizer on the lawn. (See Reference 1)

Ringer Lawn Restore is another best rated organic lawn fertilizer that is made from feather meal, soybean meal and bone meal. If you want a thick and green looking lawn, then this is the fertilizers to use. It comes in the form of pellets and all you have to do is sprinkle the pellets on the lawn during spring or fall. (See Reference 1)

Peace of Mind Premium fertilizer is replete with high levels of potassium and nitrogen. The fertilizer helps to strengthen the grass by encouraging the absorption of nutrients. It is made using bat guano, feather meal, kelp meal, bone meal, rock phosphate, gypsum and sulfate. It is packaged in boxes and one box is sufficient for a 150-square foot lawn. After spreading the fertilizers across the lawn, do not forget to water the grass. (See Reference 1)

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