Uses Of Organic Fertilizers

Uses Of Organic Fertilizers

Using organic fertilizer will ensure that your plants get the necessary nutrients while no damage is caused to the environment. These fertilizers are made from organic matter, and can be made at home or even bought readymade from a gardening supplies store. (See Reference 1)

Natural organic fertilizers slowly release their nutrients into the soil and ensure that the plants have a constant supply of nutrients over a period of time. Organic fertilizers are made from different organic ingredients like bone meal, blood meal, decomposed plants, manure, feathers and other natural organic matter. (See Reference 1) You can use horse manure, kitchen scraps, twigs and leaves to make your own organic manure. This would be in the form of compost.

So, what are uses of organic fertilizers? The main use of organic fertilizer is to provide nutrients to the plants without using any chemicals or toxic compounds. These nutrients are released slowly into the soil and while the plants can get their nourishment, organic fertilizers also help to replenish lost nutrients and minerals in the soil. They often play a dual role where they provide nourishment to plants while improving the soil texture, enhancing nutrient levels in the soil and strengthening the root system of the plants.

While the main use of organic fertilizers is to provide minerals and nutrients to the plants without harming the environment and ecosystem, it also helps to improve the quality and texture of the soil. So, there are obviously more than one use of organic fertilizers and that is why they are so popular with people who are looking to move away from inorganic fertilizers.

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