Gardening Info On Cubanelle Peppers  

Cubanelle peppers are sweet pepper and are related to bell peppers and banana peppers. These are elongated peppers that are initially yellow or light green in color and then as they mature, they turn orange or red. Compared to other varieties of peppers, Cubanelle peppers tend to grow slowly. (See Reference 1) The peppers tend to attain maturity in around 70 days to 80 days as long as they get full sunlight and lots of water. (See Reference 2) Hence, it is advisable to plant these peppers the most it thaws during spring.

If you want to grow Cubanelle peppers in your garden, then it is best to start with seeds. To germinate the seeds, mix three parts of milled peat moss and one part of perlite. The spray the mix with some water until it gets moist and can bind when you squeeze it lightly with your hands. Fill the germinating tray with this mixture. (See Reference 2)

Now, go to the seeds and put them in a bowl. Add one tablespoon of hydrogen to one cup of water. Pour this mixture over the seeds. Allow the seeds to soak for around 6 hours. Thereafter, let the seeds drain for around ten to fifteen minutes. (See Reference 2) Now plant the seeds into the germinating tray. Ensure that you place the two inches away from one another. They should be put half an inch into the peat and perlite mix. (See Reference 2) Once all the seeds are planted, mist the soil surface with some water. Cover the tray. Thereafter, every 5 days mist the seeds or seedlings until you observe the seedling becoming two inches high.

Once the outside temperature stays a steady 70 deg. F, you can transplant the seedlings outside. The location in the garden should get full sunlight right through the day and should also have good drainage. (See Reference 2) The soil should have been prepared with compost before the transplantation. Make three-inch holes and put in the seedlings. Ensure that they are around 18 inches to 24 inches away from one another. (See Reference 2)

Thereafter, water the newly transplanted seedling every ten days using drip system. Once a month use a fertilizer. The ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the fertilizer should be 5-10-10. (See Reference 2) And, by the 70th or 80th day, your Cubanelle peppers will be ready for harvesting. If you are not sure when to harvest the peppers, look at the color. If the peppers are deep red in color, they are ready to be harvested.  

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Gardening Info On Cubanelle Peppers


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