Gardening Tips For Growing Tomato Plants

Gardening Tips For Growing Tomato Plants          Did you know that tomato plants are the most widely grown vegetable in the world? In fact, tomato has been domestically grown in many different parts of the world for many hundreds of years. Although we love to call tomato a vegetable, it is actually a fruit. With gardening tips for growing tomato plants, you will have a beautiful tomato garden at your home.

Gardening tips for growing tomato plants:

        The best time to plant tomatoes is when the frost is over and the trees around your home are full of leaf and foliage. This is because tomato plants love warm weather and require around 8 or more hours of sunlight each day to grow.

  • Tomato plants love well-drained soil that is rich in humus. Make sure you put in a lot of compost or manure to make the soil just right for your tomato plants. If necessary add complete fertilizer.
  • You should try different varieties of tomatoes so that you can find out which variety is best suited for your area.
  • If you are using seeds to plant your tomatoes, make sure that you do not crowd them. Once leaves sprout, you should transplant the tomato plants so that the spacing for each plant is ample.
  • You should plant the seeds or the plant in the sunniest part of your garden so that they get plenty of sunlight.
  • Once your tomato plants are around 3 feet tall, make sure you remove the leaves from the bottom 1 foot as these are the first leaves to develop fungus problems.
  • Spray the tomato plants on a weekly basis with compost tea to ward off any fungal disease.
  • You should endeavor to plant your tomato plants on raised beds. This will have a great visual effect on your garden but it is also an excellent way of providing drainage.
  • If you notice bad leaves or fruit, pull them out and dispose in the garbage. Do not use them in your compost.

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Gardening Tips For Growing Tomato Plants