Horticulture And Gardening  

Horticulture is the science of cultivating plants and it also refers to the industry where plants are cultivated for commercial purposes. When a person studies horticulture, he or she learns the different methods of plant propagation, crop production, plant engineering, plant physiology, pest control methods, and biochemistry of the plants. (See Reference 1) Thereafter, they can use this knowledge to increase the yield of the crops and plants to make it into a commercially viable industry.

So, if you intend taking up growing of fruits and vegetables as a business venture, it is necessary that you learn the different aspects of horticulture and gardening. On an average, a horticulturist makes around $25,000 to $30,000 annually, but they can increase this amount if they go into business on their own.

While agriculture refers to large scale cultivation, horticulture and gardening is done on a smaller scale and invariably with a single crop. However, a horticulturist can grow a number of crops, like vegetables and fruits, at the same time. In addition, using the methods of horticulture and gardening a person can learn also to grow ornamental plants. (See Reference 1) However, it is advisable that the person either concentrate on edible plants like vegetables and fruits, or on ornamental plants. Both are too time consuming and require too much work.

When it comes to ornamental plants, the person can understand how to grow flowering plants, shrubs, woody perennials and trees. In horticulture, the person can also learn landscaping that will allow the person to learn about growing plants, designing patches of land and also maintaining the plants.

People have been using horticulture and gardening for centuries to have a flourishing nursery business or even producing fruits and vegetables for commercial purposes. Using the methods of growing plants on a large scale, a person can establish garden centers, flower shops and even supply plants on a large scale to different companies, educational institutes and government offices. (See Reference 1)

Those who love gardening and believe that they have a green thumb can take on growing of plants, fruits or vegetables on a large scale and start a flourishing business. Of course, they would require a business plan to get proper funding from banks or lending institutions. But, horticulture and gardening is one industry that is here to stay and can reap profits for a person if done correctly and diligently. The best way to gain knowledge is to take up a course on horticulture at the local university and enhance your knowledge base. This will give you more confidence to start the business venture.

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Horticulture And Gardening


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