Advantage From Hydroponics

Advantage From Hydroponics        Hydroponics is the art of growing plants without soil. Hydroponics has taken plant cultivation to the next level and is providing us a way forward to feed the ever growing world population. Even people who were not interested in gardening or growing plants are just overtaken by the idea of growing plants without soil.

       In hydroponics, the nutrients are delivered to the plant through an aqueous solution rather than the soil. This art of growing plants without soil makes it possible for us to grow a variety of plant is any type of climate or weather.

        There are many advantages from hydroponics and some of them are listed below:

  • Requirement of less space
  • Less growing time
  • Labor in the garden and maintenance is substantially reduced
  • Water conservation
  • Nutrients can be recycled thus saving money
  • No problem of weeds and pests
  • Higher yields

       In addition to the above mentioned advantages, there are also some general advantages that are listed below:

  • In a hydroponic acre, you can raise as many as ten thousand plants in comparison to a dirt acre than can just raise one third of it.
  • Hydroponics allow us to grow plants and crops outside their native climate
  • Since there is no soil, there is no depletion of nutrients and hence crop rotation is not necessary.
  • You can grow plant right round the year and there is no dependency on climate or seasonal changes.
  • Hydroponics uses just 1/30th the amount of water that would be used in soil cultivation.

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Advantage From Hydroponics