Beans Hydroponics  

Hydroponics is a system of agriculture which does not use soil to grow plants. In a Hydroponics system the plants do not need any soil to grow. They need a constant supply of nutrients and good levels of humidity. Hydroponics is a system that controls the plant growth environment. It attempts at maintaining the perfect environment that benefits the plant growth.

When people grow plants using the hydroponics system they notice that the crop grows much faster than the soil environment and also there is a possibility of enjoying repeated growth several times a year. The average time taken for a crop is 30 to 60 days.

One of the crops that grow extremely well with the use of hydroponics is Beans. Beans are usually seasonal. However, various varieties of beans can grow under these circumstances. Beans grow rapidly even in the natural environment. However, in a hydroponics environment, they can grow even faster and produce crops in a repeated cycle. More production is what everyone wants anyway.

There are different kinds of beans such as string beans, yellow beans, green beans and double beans. All these varieties can be grown using hydroponics. Beans grow well when they have a peak of supply of nutrients and also reducing amounts. This is called ebb. If you have planted the climbing beans variety, then you have to provide the sufficient support and also enough place.

In hydroponics system beans usually start producing crop in a minimal time period of 6 to 8 weeks.

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Beans Hydroponics





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