Diy Hydroponic Bubblers

DIY Hydroponic Bubblers        Hydroponic bubblers are one of the cheapest and easiest hydroponic gardening systems to build. If you are looking for DIY hydroponic system, then you should be looking for a DIY hydroponic bubbler because you will not risk your money on buying something that does not work correctly.

      DIY hydroponic bubblers are a water culture system. In other words, the plants sit directly on oxygenated water, which is mixed with nutrient solutions. However, one bubbler system will be different from the other depending on the type water culture you use. In addition, DIY hydroponic bubblers do not need Styrofoam or any other material to keep the plants perched over the solution. You do not even need special containers for hydroponics. You can use everyday materials to make DIY hydroponic bubblers and these could be plastic cups, plastic bucket and a lid.

The Components of DIY Hydroponic Bubblers:
        While some component you can purchase from stores like Walmart or Home Depot, the others will be available at your home.

  • A plastic container: this can be a plastic bucket or paint bucket. The only thing you have to worry about is that the container is strong and it has a lid that fits.
  • 4 to 5 plastic cups: the number of cups will depend on the size of the lid of your plastic container. For a 5 liter container with a lid, 4 to 5 cups are the maximum you can fit.
  • An air pump: you need an ordinary aquarium aerator pump so do not buy anything fancy
  • An air stone: this is also used in aquariums
  • Air tube: this can be found in any local pet shop and you should buy along with your air pump and air stone so that the fit is right. This is used to connect the air pump and air stone.
  • Growing media: You can choose anything like rockwool or perlite.

          Once you have these components, you are ready to make your own hydroponic bubbler. Take the plastic cups and measure the bottom and draw circles to that on the plastic lid of the container. Make sure you leave a few inches between the circles. Try and draw as many as possible. If the plastic is touch, use power tools or else use a cutter to cut out the circles you have just drawn. This will form the suspension platform for your plants. Make sure that the cups fit in the holes but remain suspended.

         Now cut out holes in the sides and bottom of each plastic cup. This is done so that the roots can easily draw water through the holes. Now place the air stone and air pump inside the plastic container and fill it up with the nutrient solution and water. Make sure that the level of the water is close to the lid so that the plants are suspended in water and not mid-air.

          Place the lid, insert the cups into the holes, place your plants gently into the cups and fill the space in the cups with growing media. Once you do this, you have just managed to build your own hydroponic bubbler system.

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