Homemade Nutrient Solutions In Hydroponics

Homemade Nutrient Solutions In Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a system of growing plants without using soil. In a hydroponics system a nutrient rich solution is used to feed the plants with everything it needs. The hydroponics uses a separate container to achieve the results. Gravel is used to sustain the mineral solution and sometimes pea gravel is used for hydroponics.

The benefits of hydroponics are that you get a boosted plant growth and crop as a result. The hydroponics nutrient solution is available in gardening stores and you can also use a home made solution. In order to make a home made solution be sure to include all the nutrients that a plant needs to grow.

Every plant needs three ingredients that are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to grow healthily. Most fertilizers have these ingredients in them. Potassium nitrate and calcium nitrate are essential parts of the hydroponics solution. In order to provide the plant a complete growth system you will need to include all these in the solution.

A easy-to-make homemade nutrient solution in hydroponics will contain the following:

225 gms of potassium nitrate or saltpeter
198 gms of calcium sulfate or plaster of Paris
113 gms of monocalcium phosphate
43 gms of ammonium sulfate
1/2 teaspoon of iron sulfate

Mix all these in one quart of water and store it in a container. If you have a bigger hydroponics set up, then make more of the solution. The storage should be a dry container, and put away in a cold place for storage. You can also occasionally spray the plants using this solution.

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Homemade Nutrient Solutions In Hydroponics