How To Build A Hydroponic Grow Room ?  

If you want to grow vegetables and fruits using hydroponics method of cultivation, then you should definitely know how to build a hydroponic grow room. The grow room should have adequate protection for the plants while ensuring that optimum growing conditions are maintained.

So, without further ado here is how to build a hydroponic grow room.

Instead of using your loft to make a grow room, select a room that is made from bricks and wood. The room would provide better insulation to the plants, but a loft can provide better ventilation and air. So, when you select a place to make into a grow room, make sure that you take these things into consideration. When a grow room is not insulated sufficiently, it will cause the room get cold in winter and hot during summer. Hence, pay special attention to the insulation. You can provide further insulation by hanging reflective coverings on the wall outside. The place where you intend growing the plants should be elevated to ensure that the cold floor due to water collection does harm the plants. Also, water collection on the floor will make the plants more prone to diseases and provide a save haven for pests to survive. So, elevate the growing place to ensure that the hydroponic containers are up and away from the floor. (See Reference 1)

See how you will be able to keep the room clean. A dirty and unclean room will attract pests and plant diseases. It is common for hydroponic grow rooms to have coverings along the walls that have visible folds as well as creases. However, this should be avoided as it causes hot spots to develop in the room that attract pests. (See Reference 1) Instead use polythene sheets to cover the walls from floor to the ceiling. This can be done by stapling the sheets to a plaster board and then placing the boards against the wall. Any cracks or crevices in the room should be sealed with the help of duct tape. (See Reference 1) This will ensure uniform heat and light across the entire room.

A hydroponic grow room should have an artificial source of light for the plants. On an average, around 3000 watts of lighting is required for an average grow room. Hence, ensure that you have the necessary fittings above the growing area of the room. In addition, you will require exhaust fans, air pumps, water pump, feeder pumps as well as dehumidifiers for the room. (See Reference 1) So, spend some time planning how to place the various pumps and electrical fittings in the room. The fittings should be done in such a way that they do not hamper your movement around the room or prevent you from cleaning the room.

You will also need to make arrangements for proper water supply into the nutrient reservoirs. Make sure that any pipes you lay for supplying water are laid behind the insulating material, so that the pipes cannot make the room cold. (See Reference 1) Also, have sink built in the room so that you can wash the different equipment and bottles without any hassles.

These are the basic needs of a hydroponic grow room. If you take care of these needs, then the rest of the things will become easy. Also, once these things are in place, you then experiment with other things that you may need in the grow room. The method of growing plants without soil has been fascinating people for years. With a proper hydroponic grow room, you will be able to take part in this fascinating and fulfilling technique of growing a wide variety of plants, vegetables and fruits, depending on how big the grow room is.

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