How To Start Seedling For Hydroponic

How To Start Seedling For Hydroponic       If you are interested in starting seeds, you should try out hydroponics. This article is an endeavor to should you how to start seedling for hydroponic. The growing media like peat pots and plugs made from composted bark and coconut fiber contain enough nutrients to start seedlings.

      However, even media like rockwool have enough plant nutrients to help seeds in their early stages until they are transplanted into a complete hydroponic system.

      If you are interested in starting seedling for hydroponic, you will be happy to note that most seed starting systems need minimum equipment. You need a growing light but it is not a must. If you just have a growing medium, you can water it with nutrients to make the seeds into seedlings.

How to start seedling for hydroponic:
Hydroponic seed starting is an excellent way to protect seedling from soil borne diseases and it also affords a lot of ease.

  1. Place rockwool in a shallow tray. Make sure that the rockwool is in cubes. Now saturate the cubes with 1/2 strength nutrient solution. Adjust the pH to about 6.2
  2. Take seeds and sow them into the rockwool cubes. Use 2 to 3 seeds per cube
  3. Now water the cubes with 1/2 strength nutrient solution and it is important that you keep the cubes moist at all times.
  4. You can keep the tray under light for 18 hours a day until the seedlings are 4 to 6 inches tall
  5. After that transfer the cubes to pre-soaked rockwool slabs. Make sure you have made two holes at the bottom of the slab.
  6. You have just started seedlings for hydroponics.
  7. Now transfer the rockwool slab to your hydroponic system and make sure that the slab is saturated with nutrient solution.

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How To Start Seedling For Hydroponic